Mattias Hallin Mattias Hallin
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Rhythm guitar and vocals.

Swedish, Born in Malmö in 1965. Lived in Lund in Sweden before moving to Brussels in 1997.

Selftaught as musician. Played tenor banjo and rhythm guitar in (and frequently also led) a number of traditional jazz bands, such as Groveyard Groovers Jazz Band (1983-1995), Dixie Dolphins (1988-1996), Southern Syncopaters (1987-1996), Triste Hallins Kvintett (1994-1998), Jerry’s Dixie Devils (1998-2000), Pajot Swing Jazzband (1998-2004) and Doctor Jazz Band (2006-). Also a member of the Alte Kamereren student orchestra in Lund (1987-).

Discovered the music of Django at the age of 12, and was hooked straight away. Since then has dreamt of being part of the rhythm section in a Quintet du Hot Club de France-style band, a dream finally come true with Billets Doux!